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Active Minds

We are changing the conversation about mental health. Active Minds at U of M is a student led mental health awareness, education and advocacy group.


AOSS is founded on the basis of the Punjabi language, which represents students and scholars who speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who want to learn to speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who are interested in the Punjabi Language.

Hestia Information Service Organization (HISO)

enhance the information exchange in university, give all student a platform to share their information

Latin Rhythms UMSU Student Group (LR)

Latin Rhythms exists to provide students with a space at the University of Manitoba to learn and practice various Latin dances, as well as organizing regular social events where students can meet, dance, and enjoy listening to Latin music.

Photography Club (UMPC)

Photo Club promotes the interest in photography by way of workshops, events and displays. Photo Club introduces and encourages technical and artistic discussions pertaining to photography. Photo Club is an invitation to see, to think, and to photograph.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

Sikh Students Association (SSA)

Teaching Sikh (learner) faith lifestyle practice to be responsible humans.

The Drawing Club (Sketched Out)

The Drawing Club aims to provide U of M students with the opportunity to practice and develop drawing skills in a friendly and supporting environment. The Drawing Club focusses on study of the human figure with the use of live models at regular meetings.

The University of Manitoba Acting Club (UM-Act)

This club is for those who have an interest in acting, and is open to people of all levels of experience. We have weekly meetings to perform either a cold read, or a memorized scene. Meetings sometimes feature special guests who have worked in TV or Film

U of M Magic Major (UMMM)

Magic is not tricks, it is an art of creating the impoosibilities, and making dreams come true. We gather magic enthusiasts on campus to share and promote the art of magic.

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