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Canadian Catholic Student Association at St. Paul's College (CCSA)

Canadian Catholic Students' Association (CCSA) is rooted in the Gospel of Christ and works to nurture Christian student leadership and ethos within the context of Canadian post-secondary education. Also a great place to have a sense of belonging and to s

Canadian Water Resources Association Student and Young Professional Chapter – Winnipeg (CWRA-SYP)

CWRA is a group of individuals and organizations interested in the effective management of Canada’s water resources. CWRA-SYP (WPG) is a regional chapter that aids students and young professionals in their professional, academic, and personal development


Check out our website to learn more about CanU, Want to volunteer with CanU?? Click on the volunteer tab on our website and fill out a short application!

CEO Manitoba

Entrepreneurship as a field of study at colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world has become a leading subject at the undergraduate and graduate level.

CFC-Youth Campus Based U of M (CFC-Youth Campus Based)

CFC-Youth Campus Based is a Roman Catholic campus based youth ministry, under the family ministry of CFC (Couples for Christ). We would like to promote a positive environment in the university that is centred on Christian values.

CHESED (Korean Christian Group) (C-KCG)

This group provides opportunities for students to learn about God, and to guide them through their journey in faith. The group will particularly support Korean international students and help 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean students in various ways.

Chinese Christian Campus Fellowship (UMCCCF)

We are a group of Chinese Christian students who would love to share the unfailing love of God, and to provide a welcoming community for students from China on and off campus. We will hold some evangelistic events and bible studie

Chinese Soccer Club

University of Manitoba Chinese Soccer Club opens to all Chinese students who love playing soccer, watching soccer or simply willing to start to play soccer and make friends on and off soccer field!

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)

The University of Manitoba Chinese Students and Scholars Association is an official organization. We aim to promote friendship and communication between Chinese and Canadian student communities.

Christians on Campus

We are Christians who love the Lord Jesus and welcome and receive all believers in Christ. Our purpose is to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Bible in order to know Christ in a personal way and thereby grow as a Christian.

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