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Canadian Water Resources Association Student and Young Professional Chapter – Winnipeg (CWRA-SYP)

CWRA is a group of individuals and organizations interested in the effective management of Canada’s water resources. CWRA-SYP (WPG) is a regional chapter that aids students and young professionals in their professional, academic, and personal development

Culture for Kindness (CFK)

A student driven program dedicated to helping those in need. Whether someone is old, young, experienced, or inexperienced, CFK helps individuals find a way to make a difference in the community.

Divest Manitoba

Divest Manitoba is a student group responsible for advocating on behalf of its members to promote environmental sustainability and working with the University of Manitoba administration.

Free the Children Club (FTCC)

Student group associated with Free the Children. Passionate youth working together create change. Local fundraising initiatives to raise money to end global poverty, and to promote education, health, and empowerment of youth and families.

Global Political Economy Student Association (GPESA)

The Global Political Economy Student Association unites globally minded students and non-students alike in order to promote awareness of international and global issues.

Indonesian Group - Winnipeg (ISGWPG)

ISGWPG is an Indonesian social and cultural group based in Winnipeg that aims to unite the Indonesian community in Winnipeg. ISGWPG also aims to promote and celebrate Indonesian culture in the University of Manitoba community and in Winnipeg.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots UM Chapter (UM Roots & Shoots)

We value diverse perspectives and thrive on collaboration in reaching goals through shared values. Our focus: to nurture students to be engaged community leaders while learning about sustainability issues that impact people, animals, and the environment.


Oxfam Canada works with people to secure their basic human rights, advocacy and campaign against the root causes of poverty and injustice. This group is open to any student looking for a way to make our world a better place.

Paws & Claws: Protection of Animals and Wildlife (Paws & Claws)

Take action towards issues concerning our feathered, furry, and scaley friends. We are a student group dedicated to creating awareness of animals rights, welfare, and concerns that impact exotic wildlife, local wildlife, and companion animals.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

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