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Indian Students' Association (ISA)

The Indian Students' Association is a student body run by Indian origin students studying at the University of Manitoba. We welcome people from all religions and nations to be a part of this group and maximize diversity.

Indigenous Circle of Empowerment (ICE)

Take your university experience to the next level! ICE is a student leadership development program grounded in culture and focused on effecting positive social change in the community.

Indigenous Student Centre (ISC)

The U of M is recognized as a sacred space where every Indigenous student is empowered with the resources needed to achieve academic success and cultural and spiritual wellbeing so that they can grow as leaders in their communities and fields.

Indonesian Group - Winnipeg (ISGWPG)

ISGWPG is an Indonesian social and cultural group based in Winnipeg that aims to unite the Indonesian community in Winnipeg. ISGWPG also aims to promote and celebrate Indonesian culture in the University of Manitoba community and in Winnipeg.

Inner City Student Council (ICSC)

ICSC members are elected stduent representatives of the Inner City Social Work Program (ICSWP). We represent ICSWP students and aim to build strong connections with other faculty and community organizations within the U of M as well as the North End.

Intergroup Dialogue

An intergroup dialogue is a safe and meaningful way of addressing social justice issues including topics on racism, sexism, classism, etc.

International Centre – Intercultural Development & Leadership Program (IDLP)

Build intercultural awareness and look at leadership in a diverse group setting.

International Centre - International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP)

The International Student Mentorship Program pairs new international students (mentees) with experienced U of M students (mentors) who will provide personal, academic, and intercultural support during their mentee's transition to the U of M and Winnipeg.

International Centre – Volunteer Language Exchange Program

The VLEP is a program that matches volunteers with complementary interests in language and culture. Students volunteering in the VLEP meet with their Conversation Partner every week to practice each other's languages and learn about each other's cultures.

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