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Language Partners Program

We are the English Language program at the University of Manitoba. We cater to international students who have advanced intermediate-advanced English skills, who want to enter an English speaking university. The Language Partner program was developed to

Latin Rhythms UMSU Student Group (LR)

Latin Rhythms exists to provide students with a space at the University of Manitoba to learn and practice various Latin dances, as well as organizing regular social events where students can meet, dance, and enjoy listening to Latin music.

Law Games 2017 (Law Games)

Every year, law students from across Canada gather at a host law school to participate in a 5-day annual event that includes sports and academic competitions. This year the host law school is University of British Columbia.

Let's Talk Science (LTS)

Let's Talk Science strives to increase science literacy throughout the province of Manitoba by engaging students of all ages in fun, hands-on science activities!

Light Worship Community

Providing a welcoming community for all people to explore faith. We provide prayer meetings, worship meetings and Bible studies every week. We also have bi weekly community building events such as board games nights.