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Pace setters is a faith based student group dedicated to helping students especially international students adjust and succeed in their academics.

Pakistani Students' Association (PSA)

The University Of Manitoba's Pakistan Students' Association is created to provide an environment of mutual understanding to both, Pakistanis and other nationalities, at U of M. PSA is a non-political and non-religious students organization.

Paws & Claws: Protection of Animals and Wildlife (Paws & Claws)

Take action towards issues concerning our feathered, furry, and scaley friends. We are a student group dedicated to creating awareness of animals rights, welfare, and concerns that impact exotic wildlife, local wildlife, and companion animals.

Peers: Students Helping Students

Peers: Students Helping Students is a support and referral resource for all students attending the University of Manitoba. We are student volunteers who receive intensive training to be supportive listeners, skilled communicators, and campus connectors.


An organization created to assist individuals in enriching their christian values in our world today. MOTTO: Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

Pharmacy Student Council

Pharmacy Student Council within UMSU.

Photography Club (UMPC)

Photo Club promotes the interest in photography by way of workshops, events and displays. Photo Club introduces and encourages technical and artistic discussions pertaining to photography. Photo Club is an invitation to see, to think, and to photograph.

Polish Students' Association (PSA)

A student group that gives Polish students the opportunity to discuss and analyze Polish culture, network amongst other students and groups, and perhaps most importantly, keep the culture alive.

Power to Change - University of Manitoba (P2C - UofM)

Power to Change helps students discover Jesus & change the world. We create opportunities to dialogue about faith, God, spirituality & leadership through conversations, events, Bible study & prayer.

Powermine International Student Group (PiYoG)

The Powermine Student Group is an organization that unites christian beliefs with academic excellence. We reach out to students with God's love though, leisure activities, study buddies and free tutors, so students can achieve their educational goals

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