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AOSS is founded on the basis of the Punjabi language, which represents students and scholars who speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who want to learn to speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who are interested in the Punjabi Language.

Big Horns, The

The Big Horns are a student group that aim to increase campus spirit. We help students find a sense of belonging at the U of M through participation in on campus events, facilitation of friendships and role modeling of positive and supportive behaviour.

Bison's Punjabi Dance Group (BPDG)

Bison Punjabi Dance Group is an UMSU student group where students gather to learn, participate & perform in various types of dances in the Punjabi culture. The group also conducts workout/aerobics classes in the form of Bhangra Aerobics.

Canadian Catholic Student Association at St. Paul's College (CCSA)

Canadian Catholic Students' Association (CCSA) is rooted in the Gospel of Christ and works to nurture Christian student leadership and ethos within the context of Canadian post-secondary education. Also a great place to have a sense of belonging and to s

Indian Students' Association (ISA)

The Indian Students' Association is a student body run by Indian origin students studying at the University of Manitoba. We welcome people from all religions and nations to be a part of this group and maximize diversity.

Indonesian Group - Winnipeg (ISGWPG)

ISGWPG is an Indonesian social and cultural group based in Winnipeg that aims to unite the Indonesian community in Winnipeg. ISGWPG also aims to promote and celebrate Indonesian culture in the University of Manitoba community and in Winnipeg.

Latin Rhythms UMSU Student Group (LR)

Latin Rhythms exists to provide students with a space at the University of Manitoba to learn and practice various Latin dances, as well as organizing regular social events where students can meet, dance, and enjoy listening to Latin music.

Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music

Organization page for the Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music. The Faculty of Music is a provincial, national, and international centre of excellence in academic programs, music performance and for commitment to community involvement.

Pakistani Students' Association (PSA)

The University Of Manitoba's Pakistan Students' Association is created to provide an environment of mutual understanding to both, Pakistanis and other nationalities, at U of M. PSA is a non-political and non-religious students organization.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

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