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Rainbow Pride Mosaic (RPM)

Rainbow Pride Mosaic is an UMSU Service group the proactively works to improve the quality of student life and provide a safe space on campus for U of M's LGBTTQ* community. We do this through events, campaigns, and fundraising.

Recreation Services

We encourage U of M Students, Staff , Alumni and the community to make fitness a part of their daily routine. Becoming a member is easy! Recreation Services is home to a wide range of excellent facilities for learning, teaching, recreation and sport.

Research and International

The office of research and International provides research opportunities.

Resident Students' Association Council (RSAC)

Council representing Speechly and P-Hall

RESULTS Real Change

RESULTS Real Change is a student group that aims to increase the political will to end extreme poverty. We are this generations activists and leaders who create relationships with the government and advocate for the end of poverty.

Roaring Lions' Toastmasters

Roaring Lions' Toastmasters Club in the Faculty of Engineering but welcome to all. We focus on public speaking and leadership development.

Robson Hall Bilingual Students' Association/Association des étudiants bilingues de Robson Hall (RHBSA)

RHBSA provides bilingual law students with opportunities to network within the French-speaking legal community in Manitoba as well as numerous social and educational events.

Robson Hall Environmental Law Group (RHELG)

The Robson Hall Environmental Law Group seeks to provide Robson Hall law students with information related to the field of Environmental law in Manitoba, Canada, and around the World. We hope to accomplish this by introducing students to opportunities in

Robson Hall Law Games 2016 (law games)

A group of students looking for law games glory. We will be going to Sherbrooke Quebec from January 3-7 to compete in athletic and academic competitions with law schools from across the country.