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School of Art Gallery

School of Art Gallery Page

Science Students' Association (SSA)

Faculty of Science Students' Governing Body

Segue University Ministries (Segue)

Segue is a faith community on campus that works to - Help students transition well - Address issues of injustice - Build community on campus Segue is also the point group for RED FROGS at the UofM (


In the early 1960’s, less than one in five Canadian children born with Cystic Fibrosis would live to see their third birthday. Members of new charity at the time, the Cystic Fibrosis Canada, were determined to change that.

Sikh Students Association (SSA)

Teaching Sikh (learner) faith lifestyle practice to be responsible humans.

Social Work Students Association (SWSA)

Students Association for the Faculty of Social Work

Society of Earth Sciences and Environmental Students

Student Council in Clayton H. Riddell

St. John Ambulance-University of Manitoba Medical First Response Team (UofM-FRT)

We are a student group on campus affiliated with St. John Ambulance who give students the opportunity to be trained as a medical first responder and provide onsite medical assistance for events in and around Winnipeg as well as on the UofM Campus.

St. John's College Students' Association (SJCSA)

St. John's College Students' Association represents the St. John's College student membership and fosters our unique community on campus by providing a range of academic and social programs.

St. Johns Residence Students Association (SJRSA)

St John's Residence Student's Association offers an annual cycle of social events. Students are encouraged to join social and athletic programs, to excel academically, and to live and study in a close-knit community of up to 100 residents.

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