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AOSS is founded on the basis of the Punjabi language, which represents students and scholars who speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who want to learn to speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who are interested in the Punjabi Language.

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Established in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.

Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD)

Alpha Gamma Delta is an international women's fraternity that promotes academic excellence, philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership and personal development and above all, a spirit of loving sisterhood.

Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in life long achievement. Everyday we assist college women in making informed choices to reach their highest potential.

Big Horns, The

The Big Horns are a student group that aim to increase campus spirit. We help students find a sense of belonging at the U of M through participation in on campus events, facilitation of friendships and role modeling of positive and supportive behaviour.

Delta Upsilon

Delta Upsilon is the largest and oldest Non-Secret Fraternity. The Fraternity does not believe that brotherhood is strengthened by secret oaths, rituals and handshakes. The Men of Delta Upsilon strive to better themselves through acts of merit.

Manitoba Greek Council (MBGreeks)

The Greek Council is the governing body that oversees the affairs and concerns of the fraternities and sororities at the University of Manitoba and its affiliates.

Manitoba Panhellenic Association (Panhel)

Manitoba Panhellenic Association is the governing body for the three sororities on campus: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi. The three sororities foster 5 pillars: leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, social, and of course - sisterhood!

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

University of Manitoba Chinese Volunteer Association (UMCVA)

The name of the student group shall be the University of Manitoba Chinese Volunteer Association, also known as UMCVA. UMCVA exists to give Chinese students more volunteer opportunities. We focus on providing opportunities and other activities to students