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TEDx UManitoba

TEDxUManitoba creates a space where we can discuss, debate and draw attention to all the great work being done at UofM. It is independently organized by a group of UofM students and staff members committed to spreading powerful and innovative ideas.

The Drawing Club (Sketched Out)

The Drawing Club aims to provide U of M students with the opportunity to practice and develop drawing skills in a friendly and supporting environment. The Drawing Club focusses on study of the human figure with the use of live models at regular meetings.

The English, Film, and Theatre Students Association (EFTSA)

The English, Film, and Theatre Students Association seeks to bring together students from the three disciplines as well as students who are interested in these disciplines but are not students within the Department.

The Enlightened Minds (TEM)

The Enlightened Minds intends to develop a higher perspective and increase our collective consciousness by exploring different schools of thought including Quantum physics, Spirituality, Extraterrestrial information, and Metaphysics.

The Krishna Club (K Club)

Krishna Club is a yoga-lifestyle club at U of M. Krishna Club goers can participate in activities like meditation, yoga, cooking classes, philosophical discussions and much more. This dynamic group is part of ISKCON, an international organization.

The University of Manitoba Acting Club (UM-Act)

This club is for those who have an interest in acting, and is open to people of all levels of experience. We have weekly meetings to perform either a cold read, or a memorized scene. Meetings sometimes feature special guests who have worked in TV or Film

The University of Manitoba French Club

The French Club welcomes ALL students wishing to improve their French conversation skills.

The University of Manitoba Russian Students' Association (Russian Club)

The Russian Students' Association is the hub for everything Russian at the University of Manitoba. As a community, we value and foster the learning of Russian and an understanding of Russian culture. We do this primarily through events and outreach.

The University of Manitoba Singers (University Singers)

University Singers is a high-end choral performance ensemble that focuses on developing professional choral and musicianship skills, entertaining audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

The University of Manitoba Students Organizing for Unity with Labour (UM-SOUL)

UM-SOUL unites students from the Labour Studies Program with students from across the University to foster solidarity between students and workers on campus.

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