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Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference (WCUCC-OC)

Aims at creating a tight nit group of chemistry students who are dedicated to organize and hold a successful conference this upcoming year.


We are an organization that strives to improve the lives of less fortunate women through fundraising for feminine hygiene products and educating women about their bodies.

Winnipeg Interprofessional Student-run Health Clinic (WISH Clinic)

Welcome to the Winnipeg Interprofessional Student-run Health (WISH) Clinic! Whether you are a University of Manitoba student looking to get involved with WISH, or a current volunteer you've come to the right place!

World Vision Student Group

The World Vision Student Group is a university based chapter of World Vision Canada. Join our team to advocate against hunger, poverty, and injustice, and be part of our fundraising efforts that contribute to sustainable development around the world.

World W.I.S.E. Ambassador Program (World W.I.S.E. Ambassadors)

We are team of motivated students, actively contributing in their local and international communities. Together, we aim to promote the value of curiousity, global awareness, and intercultural experiences in order to better internationalize our campus