Parent Organization: University of Manitoba

Bison Punjabi Dance Group (BPDG) is a UMSU student group where students gather to learn,
 participate and perform in various types of dance in the Punjabi culture.
The group also conducts workout/aerobics classes in the form of Bhangra Aerobics,
where members can do aerobics following the beats and rhythm of the Bhangra music.

BPDG exists to introduce the various types of dance  in the Punjabi culture. As a dance, it is there to encourage people of various cultures to get involved and learn a new type of dance on-campus. The dance could serve as a different way to enjoy an aerobic workout. BPDG hopes to participate in
competitions and showcase this part of the culture  in various opportunities such as UoM Orientation, UoM ICS International Festival Week, Folklorama and other cultural-related events. We also aim to create events to showcase BPDG.

Address 1526-77 University Cresent
Winnipeg, MB R3T 3N8
Phone Number P:(204) 952-7556