Parent Organization: University of Manitoba

Very few learned sources will have one put any stock in the Bible nowadays. It is common to hear God's Word mocked as a Book full of errors and myths. Seldom does one hear a rational or scientific defence of the faith.

This is especially true with the creation-evolution issue.

"It is fact," we are told, "that man was not created, but rather evolved over millions of years."

"If the Bible is wrong from the first page, how can I trust it?" The Christian university student asks.

Further, if the Bible is wrong about the age of the earth, then there was death before Adam's sin. If that is the case, as evolutionists say, then death cannot be the penalty for sin. If sin has no penalty, there need not be a Redeemer from it. Why, then, did Christ die? The gospel is undermined!

The Creation and Biblical Inspiration Group for Students exists to give Christian students the answers they need to stay strong in the faith through their time at university, and to show unbelieving students that Christianity is a rational faith. We focus largely on creation-evolution issues, but other questions such as "does God exist?" "what about the dinosaurs?" and "what about other religions?" are also touched on.

We meet every Thursday at 6:00pm on campus. Contact us at CBIGStudents@gmail.com, or via Facebook at http://facebook.com/groups/CBIGStudents. Also see our website at CreationOnCampus.wordpress.com.